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Learn Spanish in Alicante

At Koroloko we want to shift gears and introduce a new way of learning or improving a language. Forget about books, learn through living great experiences. Learn Spanish while discovering Alicante, doing outdoor activities, meeting new people or reading a paella recipe.

Escuela de español en Alicante
aprende español en Alicante

Choose one of our different Spanish courses according to your level. You might just have started learning Spanish or you might already have a perfect level but need improving your speaking abilities, Koroloko has a course for you. You can choose the hours per day, the length and when to start, we are completely flexible and will adapt to your needs. Here at Koroloko we also look after your specific interests: do you want to learn medical expressions in Spanish? Or do you prefer to live adventures in the mountains? Whatever it is, we will help you to focus your studies on the topics and areas that interest you.

You can combine your classes, more than 30 hours per week, with different activities so that your learning process will be as complete as it can be. Just let us know what you want, what you need and when, and we will take care of everything else. We do not only offer you a complete language immersion, but an enriching life experience.

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